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  • Ultra-High Vacuum Motor Driven Gate Valve

Ultra-High Vacuum Motor Driven Gate Valve

Ultra-high Vacuum Motor Driven Gate Valve


1. Two sealing options: bellow sealing and viton sealing.

2. The valve body is welded inside stainless steel with low leakage rate

3. The valve body adopts a rib structure, small size, light weight and excellent appearance.

4. Adopt double-guide-rail structure, smooth movement, monolithic construction inside the valve and well-distributed holding power.

Technical Parameters:

Application scope

1x10^(-5)Pa~1.2x10^(5)Pa(Viton o-ring sealed)

1x10^(-6)Pa~1.2x10^(5)Pa(Bellow seal)

Differential pressure on the gate  ≤3x10^(3)Pa any directions
Body and seat leakrate 1.3x10^(-7)Pa.L.S^(-1)
Cycles until first service 100,000 times
Bake-out temperatureopen≤250℃; close≤150℃
Installation position Any directions
Compressed air (only supply to pneumatic valves)  DN63~200: 0.4-0.7MPa;DN250~400: 0.5~0.7MPa
Power Supply

Pneumatic valves: AC 220V 50HZ, 6W or DC 24V, 3W( can be customized) 

DN63~250 for AC 220V 50HZ, 25WOr AC 380V 50HZ, 25W

DN320~400 is AC 220V 50HZ, 40W Or AC 380V 50HZ, 40W

Speed of opening or closing:

Pneumatic drive:DN63~DN250≤6s; DN320~DN400≤10s

Electric drive:DN63~DN250≤50s; DN320~DN400≤60s

Valve position indication:

Manual drive: with start & stop position indicator switch (mechanical)

Pneumatic drive: with start & stop position indicator switch (magnetic switch)

Electric drive: with start & stop position indicator switch (micro switch)

Ultra-high Vacuum Electrical Gate Valve

Ultra-high Vacuum Electrical Gate Valve