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  • Electromagnetic Block Valve

  • Electromagnetic Block Valve

  • Electromagnetic Block Valve

High Vacuum Electromagnetic Block Valve

EVGDC Series High Vacuum Electromagnetic Angle Valve

Pressure RangePa

1x10-6Pa~1.2x105Pa(sealed with bellows)

1x10-5Pa~1.2x105Pa(sealed with viton o-ring)

Inside nominal diametermm16254050
Leak ratePa·L/s≤1.3x10-7
Service life until first maintenancetime200000
Heating temperature(Valve body)≤120
Supply voltageAC220V 50Hz   Range:85% Ue ~110% Ue
Start/working powerW600/0.7800/11000/21400/3
Opening / closing timesopen≤0.2, close≤0.5
Operating ratetime/h300
Position indicator of the valveElectric lights
Installation orientation
Any(sealed with bellows),lower sealing surface vacuumed(sealed with fluorine rubber ring)
Ambient temperature5~40