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  • Multi Range Vacuum Gauge

  • Multi Range Vacuum Gauge

  • Multi Range Vacuum Gauge

Multi Range Vacuum Gauge

EVDL-56 Compound vacuum gauge

EVDL-56 compound vacuum gauge adopts ZJ-10 ionization gauge and ZJ-52 resistance gauge, which is suitable for vacuum measurement and control of vacuum equipment.

Measuring range: 10-4-10Pa for high vacuum ionization; Low vacuum resistance 0.01 pa-100kpa

Please refer to EVDL5 for the ionization part of the vacuum gauge and EVDL6 for the resistance part of the vacuum gauge.

ModelEVDL-56Measuring Range10-4Pa~102Pa
Physical Dimension(mm)440*89*250Weight(Kg)6.0
Scope Of ApplicationHigh VacuumProducing AreaChina

EVDL-76 Compound vacuum gauge

EVDL76 compound vacuum gauge adopts ZJ-12 ionization gauge and ZJ-52 resistance gauge, which is suitable for vacuum measurement and control of vacuum equipment.

Measurement range: 10-8-10-2pa for ultra-high vacuum ionization; Low vacuum resistance 0.01pa-100kpa.

ModelEVDL-76Measuring Range10-8Pa~102Pa
Physical Dimension(mm)440*89*250Weight(Kg)7
Scope Of ApplicationUltra High VacuumProducing AreaChina

EVDL-96 Compound vacuum gauge

EVDL96 compound vacuum gauge adopts zj-27 ionization gauge and zj-52 resistance gauge, which is suitable for vacuum measurement and control of vacuum equipment.

Measuring range: 10-5-1Pa for high vacuum ionization; Low vacuum resistance 0.01 pa- 100kpa Refer to evdl-9 for the ionization part of the vacuum gauge and evdl-6 for the resistance part of the vacuum gauge.

ModelEVDL-96Measuring Range10-5Pa~102Pa
Physical Dimension(mm)440*89*250Weight(Kg)6.0
Scope Of ApplicationHigh VacuumProducing AreaChina