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High vacuum Trimming valve

High vacuum Trimming valve

May. 21, 2020

This series of valves are manually driven precision control valves. They are reasonable in structure design, beautiful in appearance, high precision, small size, practical and reliable, and have good sealing performance. They are used to regulate vacuum and gas flow in vacuum system. The work of the valve is driven by hand turning the adjusting knob, and the needle valve is driven up and down by threaded transmission. The working medium of the valve is air or a few corrosive gases.


Technical Parameters

Pressure range1x10^(-5)Pa~1.2x10^(5)Pa         Service life until first maintenance:3000 times

Minimum adjustable flow4.7x10^(-3)Pa.L/S       Valve body baking temperature:≤150℃

Pressure difference on opening≤1.2x10^(5)Pa Any       Installation orientation:Any

Body and seat leak rate1.3x10^(-7)Pa.L/S         Valve position indication:With dial indication


working principle and Structural characteristics


The valve is powered by hand rotating handle and connected to the valve core through mechanism and drives the valve core to open and close.

Standardized, modular design, easy to replace and maintain;

Easy to clean design

Energy-saving design is small.

High vacuum Trimming valve

Precautions in use:

a) The valve should first check whether the valve is intact and the accessories are complete.

b) The valve should be kept clean and stored in a dry room and protected from strong vibrations.

c) When the valve is not used for long-term storage, the valve should be in a micro-open state and should be inspected regularly to prevent moisture, rust and aging of rubber parts.

d) Before installation, the surfaces of the valve and vacuum should be cleaned according to vacuum hygiene requirements.

e) The user's flange connected to the valve shall have no protruding welds in the joint hole.