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KF flanges in vacuum systems

KF flanges in vacuum systems

Sep. 19, 2022

In vacuum systems there are flanges of various sizes such as KFundefined CFundefined ISOundefined etc. These series of flanges are used in the vacuum system in the common sealing connectionundefined.  Today I will mainly introduce you to the KF flange.

KF is the more common type of sealing connection in  vacuum systems.  It is mainly used in high vacuum systems. It consists of the following components.  Two symmetrically distributed KF flangesundefined O-Ringundefined centring bracket and clamp.

The connection can be loosened or tightened by simply twisting the disc nut by handundefined without tools.


Common sizes of KF vacuum couplings:

KF10undefined KF16undefined KF25undefined KF40undefined KF50undefinedKF63 undefinedKF80 undefinedKF100 .....

Fittings include clampsundefined flangesundefined centering with o ring  undefined male and female threadsundefined teesundefined elbowsundefined reducersundefined VCR adapters ......