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The most complete guide to the use of rotary vane vacuum pumps!

The most complete guide to the use of rotary vane vacuum pumps!

Nov. 25, 2022

The following are some of the things that need to be noted during the use of the inline rotary vane vacuum pump. If one of them is used inadvertently, it will affect the service life of the vacuum pump and the operation of the vacuum pump.

1、 Cannot pump gas containing particles, dust or gum, watery, liquid and corrosive substances.

2、Cannot pump gases containing explosive gases or gases containing too much oxygen.

3、Can't be a system leak and the container matched with the vacuum pump is too large to work under long-term pumping.

4、Can not be used as a gas delivery pump, compression pump, etc.

Instrument Maintenance

1、 Keep the pump clean to prevent impurities from being sucked into the pump chamber. It is recommended to configure the filter, but the spacing between the upper and lower interface of the filter is about 3/5 of the whole filter height. When the water solution is too much, it can be released through the water release screw plug and then tightened in time. The filter plays the role of buffering, cooling, filtering, etc.

2、Keep the oil level. Different types or grades of vacuum pump oil should not be mixed, and should be replaced in time in case of pollution.

3、Improper storage, moisture or other volatile substances into the pump cavity, you can open the gas ballast valve to purify, if it affects the ultimate vacuum, you can consider changing the oil. When replacing the pump oil, first turn on the pump and airlift it for about 30min to make the oil thinner and release the dirty oil, while releasing the oil, slowly add a small amount of clean vacuum pump oil from the air inlet to flush the inside of the pump cavity.

4、If the noise of the pump increases or suddenly bites, the power should be cut off quickly and checked.

Correct operating instructions

for rotary vane vacuum pumps



1、Before using rotary vane vacuum pump, add vacuum pump oil according to the scale indicated by the oil label. Rotate the three-way valve so that the suction pipe of the pump is connected with the atmosphere to isolate the pumped container and open the exhaust port.

2、Turn the belt pulley by hand to check the operation, after there is no abnormality, then turn on the power and pay attention to the direction of rotation.

3、After the pump is running normally, slowly rotate the three-way valve so that the suction pipe of the pump is connected to the pumped container and isolated from the atmosphere.

4、 When you stop using the pump, to maintain a certain vacuum level in the vacuum system, rotate the three-way valve so that the vacuum system is closed and the suction pipe of the pump is connected to the atmosphere. Cut off the power supply and stop the operation. Close the exhaust port and cover the pump tightly.

5、The vacuum pump should not be used to pump out the gas containing too much oxygen, explosive and corrosive to the metal. In addition, it is also not suitable for the inhalation of gases that can react with the pump oil and contain a large amount of water vapor, etc.

6、After using for a period of time, the belt becomes slack, to carry out the adjustment of the motor position. Pay attention to replenish the pump oil, and when you find that there are debris or water mixed in the pump oil, replace the new oil, clean the pump body, and do not allow the pump body to be cleaned with volatile liquids such as ethyl acetate and acetone.