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  • Roots Vacuum Pump

  • Roots Vacuum Pump

  • Roots Vacuum Pump

  • Roots Vacuum Pump

  • Roots Vacuum Pump

ZJ Series Roots Vacuum Pump

ZJ series Roots vacuum pump


This series of Roots-type vacuum pumps cannot be used alone. It needs to be used in series with the pre-stage vacuum pump to increase the pumping rate of the pre-stage vacuum pump when the pressure is lower than 1.3×103~1.3×10-1 Pa. The structure is composed of two 8-shaped rotor sections and a rotor casing, and the two rotors do not contact each other and rotate in opposite directions in synchronization with each other.

ZJ series Roots vacuum pumps are mainly applied to:

PVD coating, magnetron sputtering, ion plating, optical coating etc;

Single crystal furnace, polycrystalline furnace, sintering furnace, annealing furnace, quenching furnace etc;

Vacuum drying, freeze drying, leak detection system, gas recovery system, liquid crystal injection etc;

Vacuum industry such as refrigerators, household air conditioners, central air conditioners, automatic evacuation lines for backlights, and exhaust equipment.

Pumping ratem3/h (L/min)50HZ100(1667)280(4670)500(8330)1000(16667)
Max. inlet pressure(when continuous work)50HZ1.2X1031.3X103
Maximum allowable pressure difference (Pa)50HZ4X1037.3X103
Ultimate pressure (Pa)1X10-1
Standard rough pump  m3/h1640、6090、150150、240
Motor(2poles) KW0.40.752.23.7
Lubricating oil specificationVacuum Pump Oil
Oil Capacity L0.
Cooling WaterFlow  L/min/2*1 23
Pressure difference MPa/0.1
Water Temp 0C/5-30*2
Weight Kg305179.5115
Inlet Dia. mm508080100
Outlet Dia.mm50808080