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  • Flow Readout Box

  • Flow Readout Box

Flow Readout Box

Flow Readout Boxes provide operating power supply, operating control, flow setting and flow digital display for the mass flow controller (MFC) and the mass flow meter (MFM). It can be connected with our MFC and MFM directly. And, it can also be used for other models of MFC or MFM.

The SQD-1A series Flow Readout Boxes adopt the small plastic casing, it is compact and easy to install. For the flow input and output signal, except for the standard 0-5V signal, also has the current signal 4~20mA or 0~10mA.

1A type flow readout box has the flow setting and valve control function, which can be used with mass flow controller and mass flow meter.

1AM type flow readout box has no flow setting and valve control function, which is specially designed for the mass flow meter.

Nominal Output+15V±5%,400mA;-15V?5%,400mA
Normal Power Supply+5V±0.1%,5mA
Power Supply165~265VAC(or85~265VAC),50Hz
Max. Consumption10W
Output & Input Signal0~5V or 4~20mA(or 0~10mA)

SQD-1B series flow intergrator used for the control and display of MFC/MFM, and can be providing flow upper & lower limit alarm function. It has RS485 digital communication and the communication protocol is compatible with MODBUS-RTU standard, can be connected with PLC and configuration software, to achieve wireless control.


Nominal Output+15V±5%,400mA;-15V?5%,400mA
  Power Supply220VAC/24VDC (Incompatibilities, should be specified when order)
Max. Consumption10W
Output & Input Signal0~5V,RS485
Cumulative Flow DisplayYesYes
Cumulative Flow AlarmNoYes
Timer alarmNoYes
Upper & Lower Limit AlarmNoYes
Wireless ControlOptional partsOptional parts