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  • Turbo Molecular Pump

  • Turbo Molecular Pump

Turbo Molecular Pump

EV-3600 The impeller of turbomolecular pump adopts the variable cross-section blade teeth originally invented in China, which enhances the blade strength, reduces the weight of the rotor, shortens the start-up time, reduces the mechanical loss and increases the service life.

Profile dimensions and mounting connections of turbo-molecular pumps

Turbo Molecular Pump

EV-3600 Technical Data

Inlet Flange (mm)400 ISO - K
Outlet Flange (mm)100 ISO - K
Pumping Rate(L/S)3600
Compression RatioN2>108
Ultimate Pressure(Pa)<2X10-6
Rated Speed(rpm)13500
Vibration≤0.15 μm
Starting Time(min)<11
Stop Time(min)<20
Suggested rotary pump30-70 L/S
Cooling MethodWater-cooling
Temperature of Water Cooling(℃)≤25
The flow of water cooling(L/min)2
Pump Body Baking Temperature<120℃
Installation ModeVertical ±5°