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How to choose a suitable vacuum pump main pump?

Sometimes, the demand for vacuum in enterprise production requires multiple vacuum pumps to be connected in series to form a vacuum unit to meet the requirements. In a stable and reliable vacuum system, the selection of the main pump is particularly crucial. The selection of the main pump cannot pursue a certain indicator, but must be comprehensively considered based on actual usage conditions, working conditions, and environment. SUPER Q explains two important principles for selecting the main pump in a vacuum system.

The first principle is that the ultimate vacuum degree of the main pump of the vacuum pump should be half an order of magnitude to one order of magnitude higher than the ultimate vacuum degree required for production under operating conditions.

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Determine the type of main pump based on the required vacuum degree for production conditions, and select a main pump with an ultimate vacuum that is about half to one order of magnitude higher than the ultimate vacuum required for production conditions. Because as the operating pressure approaches the limit vacuum, the economic efficiency of vacuum equipment decreases. Therefore, the ultimate vacuum degree of the main pump needs to be higher than the vacuum degree required by the operating conditions.

The second principle is that the production working pressure must comply with the optimal pumping speed and pressure range of the main pump.

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Vacuum pump  within the optimal pumping speed pressure range corresponding to the operating pressure. Different types of vacuum pumps have their own optimal pumping pressure range, ensuring that the operating pressure is within the optimal pumping pressure range of the vacuum pump and improving equipment efficiency. The optimal working range of an oil seal pump is between atmospheric pressure and 10Pa, while the optimal working range of a steam jet pump is between atmospheric pressure and 100Pa.

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Post time: Aug-25-2023