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Do you need bellows? Super Flexible bellows

A vacuum bellow is an axisymmetric tubular shell that whose bus bar is corrugated in shape and which has a certain bendability. Therefore it is also referred to as a flexible or flexural tube. Due to its geometric shape, the bellows under pressure, axial force, transverse force and bending moment, etc. It is possible to achieve length changes in the axial direction of the bellows.


Elongation of the length of the bellows under the action of tensile forces. The length of the bellows becomes shorter under the action of compression. The length of the bellows or the amount of bendable by the value and direction of the force, the performance parameters of the bellows and other factors to determine. It has a certain strength and stiffness, but also has a large flexibility and high fatigue resistance. These properties make corrugated pipes have a very wide range of applications.


Today, I would like to introduce you a very flexible type of Hydroforming bellows. Hydroforming is a metal forming process that using a high pressure fluid. Great elasticity, fine pitch and deep wave exercise made it high flexibility, stable performance, It is used more in the vacuum industry. Generally 0.5m/pc, or 1m/pc.

The specific bending radius and dimensions are shown in the diagram below.


If you need something Super Flexible bellows than ordinary ones, more adaptable to the installation environment. Hydroforming bellows are the nice choice.


Post time: Sep-15-2022