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Pirani Gauge with RS485 and Analogout

Short Description:

Compact Design KF16 connector

Digital communication RS485

Analog voltage output

One key for ATM and Zero calibration

Product Detail

Product Tags

TYPE VCT 160Y/VCT 160S /VCT 160D
Vacuum Display Single line display with 5 LED digits/ Single line display with 5 LED digits/Double line display with 5 LED
Measurements Range 1.0E-1 ~ 1.0E+5 Pa
Accuracy 1.0E+4 ~ 1.0E+5 Pa : ±40%;1.0E-1 ~ 1.0E+4 Pa : ±10%
Measuring Characteristics Display accuracy:+/-10%; zero shifts:+/-5%
data acquisition Digit resolution:1% ;response time: <100 ms;update rate of display:1s
Inputs Four press buttons for:units selection、calibration for atm and high vacuum、setpoints
outputs RS485;Voltage analog
Control units Four way SNDT relay;load:3A/220VAC,non inductive load;response time:<1s
Temperature Characteristics Working temperature:0ºC ~ +45ºC; storage temperature:-40ºC ~ +75ºC
Load of relay 3A 25VAC
Power supply 85VAC ~ 265VAC\0.5A;total power consumption:<10W
weight 450g(including two sensors and 3 meters long cable)
Size Plate:96mmX96mmX15mm; meter box:89mmX89mmX75mm
Mounting type Embed hole:90 X 90 (+0.2/-0.0)mm

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