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the EVFB Series Molecular Pump Product

Short Description:

Molecular pump is a kind of high speed rotating momentum transfer vacuum pump, its working pressure range is generally 10-1Pa ~ 10-7Pa, is one of the important vacuum acquisition equipment to achieve high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum. Molecular pump has the advantages of fast start-up speed, wide working range, low power consumption, high cleanliness and simple maintenance.

Molecular pump products described in this sample book are the second generation of products

newly launched by the company, which are mainly designed and optimized for industrial vacuum and scientific research fields, including the first series of industrial vacuum molecular pump products with integrated controllers and flexible application scenarios. According to the caliber, there are mainly DN100, DN160, DN200, DN250 and DN400 and other products.

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The DRV series vacuum pump is a double stage rotary vane oil-sealed vacuum pumpsuitable for low and medium vacuum applications, mainly used to remove air and other dry gases. It is one of the main equipment for low and medium vacuum, it can be used alone or as a fore pump of other vacuum pumps.
The vacuum pump has the characteris-
■Double stage design,Faster pumping speed
tics of reliable running performance, less wearing parts, low vibration, low noise and high efficiency. The SV series vacuum pump is imported from foreign advanced technology, and the key com- ponents are imported components or imported materials. The DRV series vacuum pump can completely replace similar foreign products.
■Force the oil pump to lubricate to ensure high reliability
■Integral steel structure, high precision and high ultimate vacuum
■Large oil window design to prevent oil shortage

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Application areas

Molecular vacuum pumps are highly efficient vacuum pumps designed specifically to create high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum environments and are widely used across various industries and technological fields. Here is a comprehensive overview of the main applications of molecular vacuum pumps:

1. Scientific Research: In physical, chemical, and materials science experiments, molecular vacuum pumps are essential for providing the necessary ultra-high vacuum environment, which is crucial for conducting fundamental research and experiments.

2. Semiconductor Manufacturing: In the semiconductor industry, processes such as lithography, etching, and thin film deposition require extremely high vacuum levels. Molecular vacuum pumps provide the ideal vacuum environment for these applications.

3. Space Simulation: Molecular vacuum pumps are vital in space environment simulation, used to test and simulate the behavior of spacecraft and satellites in outer space, ensuring their performance in vacuum conditions.

4. Mass Spectrometry: In mass spectrometry instruments, molecular vacuum pumps are used to create high vacuum environments, enhancing the precision and resolution of mass spectral analysis.

5. Nuclear Energy and Particle Accelerators: In nuclear research and particle accelerator applications, molecular vacuum pumps are used to maintain the high vacuum state required for operations, ensuring unimpeded particle flow.

6. Kitchen and Bathroom Equipment Coating: Molecular vacuum pumps are crucial in providing a high vacuum environment for PVD and CVD coating processes. These technologies enhance the corrosion resistance and decorative qualities of bathroom fixtures like faucets and shower equipment, and are also used for the wear resistance and anti-corrosion treatment of kitchen utensils.







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