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Customized SS vacuum chamber for rough and high vacuum applications

Short Description:

1.Rich experience in vacuum Industry
2. Complete accessorels, one-stop procurement to meet the customlzatlon of the whole system
3. Can provlde assembly, system Integration and opertion testlng servic to help customers. Households Create Higher Production Efficlency
4. Provlde all kinds of vacuum chambers for international and domestlc large and medlum-slzed customers.Establish good reputation In quantlty, excellent
productlon system and strict quallty inspection Measuring process, can achleve hlgh quallty and accurate delivery to meet customer needs.

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All vacuum chambers manufactured by us are tested for leaks,can be adapted to technical requirements, can be equipped with the necessary accessories.Super Q Tech is a one-stop supplier for all stages of the process: assistance in finding the right solution for your application, design, manufacture, quality assurance, installation and on-site service.


1. Available in many shapes

2. 304 stainless steel body and door

3. Vacuum performance down to 1 x 10-6Torr with the appropriate vacuum pumps

4. Avaiable in standard NW or CF ports, flanges and related accessories.

5. Can be equipped with the necessary accessories inside the chamber.

6. Helium leak tested for quality assurance.

Product Name
Low vacuum/ high vacuum/ ultra high vacuum vacuum chamber
stainless steel 304SS, 316SS
sandblasted, electropolish, manual polish
high vacuum applications including deposition.
Spherical, Cylindrical, Box and rectangular, Bell jar, D-shape, Custom


For calculating the cost of customized vacuum chamber, we need to confirm:

1. Vacuum Pressure/level

2. Working temperature

3. chamber dimension & thickness

4. Port Specifications (qty and flange type)

5. Viewport/ Oberservation window

6. Special requirements etc.


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