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High vacuum Trimming valve

Short Description:

This series of valves are manually driven precision control valves. They are reasonable in structure design, beautiful in appearance, high precision, small size, practical and reliable, and have good sealing performance. They are used to regulate vacuum and gas flow in vacuum system. The work of the valve is driven by hand turning the adjusting knob, and the needle valve is driven up and down by threaded transmission. The working medium of the valve is air or a few corrosive gases.

Product Detail

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Fine thread structure is adopted with high adjustment precision.

Shaft seals are sealed with fluorine rubber, and hair bars are welded with stainless steel, with low leakage rate.

The needle and stem are designed separately and the ball seat is Installed at the connecting part, which prolongs the service life of needle valve and valve seat and facilitates maintenance.

Technical Parameters

Pressure range:1x10^(-5)Pa~1.2x10^(5)Pa Service life until first maintenance:3000 times Minimum adjustable flow:4.7x10^(-3)Pa.L/S Valve body baking temperature≤150℃ Pressure difference on opening≤1.2x10^(5)Pa Any Installation orientation:Any

Body and seat leak rate:1.3x10^(-7)Pa.L/S Valve position indication:With dial indication

Trimming Valves External Size

Model DN ConnectinFlange Dimensions(mm)
1 2 A B C D E
EVGW-J2(KF) 0.8 KF16 KF16 90 30 30 28 45
EVGW-J2(CF) 0.8 CF16 CF16 98 34 35 28 52
EVGW-J2(GK) 0.8 KF16 Pipefittings 90 30 30 28 45
EVGW-J4(KF) 1.2 KF16 KF16 93.2 30 30 28 45
EVGW-J4(CF) 1.2 CF16 CF16 98 34 35 28 52
EVGW-J4(GK) 1.2 KF16 Pipefittings 90 30 30 28 45


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